Telling It The Way I See It

I heard this in a film and it reall got me thinking. Mainly, how true it was.

There always seems to be different versions and though they may contain some truth, something always gets twisted, added or forgotten. Sometimes a version is a complete and utter lie!! What people tend to forget though is that to be a good liar – you have to be extremely clever!! Unfortunately, alot of liars aren’t. Hence why so many people get hurt!

Now we all tell a little white lie every now and then (if you say you don’t, that’s a lie there!) Whether it be telling a friend they look great, when really their new dress makes them look like a fat mess, to telling a guy you’re washing your hair when you don’t want to go out with them!

Why do we do it though? Whatever happened to honesty being the best policy??When do we know to tell a lie and when not too??? And do we realise how much a lie can hurt others????

Ok, so I’m getting slightly off topic, but deep down, it’s lies that it comes down to.

But when it comes to men and women, it seems that we vary greatly, on this subject. Which is why I loved this quote so much! Going back to the examples I used earlier, how many guys have told a girl that their bum DOES look big in those jeans, that their muffin tops ARE hanging out and to go and get changed? Quite alot if they’re anything like the men I know! But a lot of woman would tell their friend that she looks lovely, or not to worry? But then a man can easily lie about relationship related issues, where as women are more likely to be more open and honest (remember this is the way I see it, not fact, before anyone starts moaning at me)

So it would seem, that men and women lie depending on subject. Does this still make it right though??? Why can’t there be only one side to every story? The Truth!! Who are we to judge if and when it’s ok to make up our own version? Surely in the long run, the truth is the best option all round??

Until then, we’ll just have to make do with the 3 stories and trust our own instincts and hope we believe the correct version!!


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