Telling It The Way I See It

{December 27, 2010}   Start as you mean to go on……….

Ok, so it may be slightly to early to discuss my New Years resolutions but what the hell 😛

The thing this year is they are all beneficial resolutions so if i don’t achieve them not only will I have let myself down, but it will be affecting my health.

So the main thing I need to do is get off the Tramadol!!!!!! I have tried half heartedly so many times, this time I need to bite the bullet and do it. So i’ll write out a weaning off program so I can keep track of it all. Seriously though, I want to get off it!!!!! As well as that I need to give up smoking. I know in my heart that there are no benefits to smoking what so ever… why do i do it?????? The money I save could buy new shoes, a holiday, go towards out IVF, all sorts and all GOOD things!!!!!!

Workwise, I will be working with my dad in the new year so really wanna give it a go and help him make the business a success, as well as doing some fundraising and campaigning over the IVF issues. Again things that are all worth while.

All i need is a kick up the backside, and hopefully, i can get my life back!!!


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