Telling It The Way I See It

We took the decorations and Christmas tree down yesterday 😦 my front room looks bare now!!!!! Didn’t realise how much cleaning there was involved though, to get the place looking relatively normal!!!!! Looks like we’ve been burgeled now though, def need to start getting some more bits for the flat!!!

So, now I’m sitting on my nice clean sofa, looking at my nice clean carpet, watching the tv through a nice clean screen, and I’m itching to do more!!!! What’s wrong with me????????? Have decided that if I’m going to be stuck in again, then I need things to do, instead of watching the same tv shows over and over and sleeping!!!! So I’m now on the look out for a cheap, second hand sewing machine, so I can start my quilting! I’ve been trying to do it by hand but it’s taking forever!!!!!! Plus I’m gonna carry on with my knitting (sure I’m 26 going on 86!!) Atleast it keeps me busy though!!

Now I’ve stopped smoking as well as trying to get off these painkillers, I need something to keep me occupied, so if I start posting blogs every hour, you know why 😉

And if all else fails…….I’ll have the cleanliest, sparkliest flat in the whole of Portsmouth. Just need to find a new tune to whistle………………….

Whistle While You Work


{December 27, 2010}   Start as you mean to go on……….

Ok, so it may be slightly to early to discuss my New Years resolutions but what the hell 😛

The thing this year is they are all beneficial resolutions so if i don’t achieve them not only will I have let myself down, but it will be affecting my health.

So the main thing I need to do is get off the Tramadol!!!!!! I have tried half heartedly so many times, this time I need to bite the bullet and do it. So i’ll write out a weaning off program so I can keep track of it all. Seriously though, I want to get off it!!!!! As well as that I need to give up smoking. I know in my heart that there are no benefits to smoking what so ever… why do i do it?????? The money I save could buy new shoes, a holiday, go towards out IVF, all sorts and all GOOD things!!!!!!

Workwise, I will be working with my dad in the new year so really wanna give it a go and help him make the business a success, as well as doing some fundraising and campaigning over the IVF issues. Again things that are all worth while.

All i need is a kick up the backside, and hopefully, i can get my life back!!!

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