Telling It The Way I See It

{September 9, 2011}   I really don’t like frogs!

This is something I have heard for years, and even say it to people myself. But the last few months has made me realised ‘I really don’t like frogs!!’ When they say you may have to kiss SEVERAL, how many is that?? 1-5?? 6-10?? blimey are we talking 50+??? Am well and truly fed up of frogs!!

I don’t think of myself as a greedy person, what I do believe in is treating people the way you expect to be treated!

Seriously, I don’t understand frogs?? (that’s my new name for those dodgy men out there) I don’t get how they can lie so easily? I don’t get how they find it acceptable to treat a woman like something they just wiped off the bottom of their shoe, or worse? How they can sleep around behind someone’s back, and have no remorse what so ever?? The ones who are only with you for what they can get out of you?? These frogs are the lowest of lows! and I def have seen all types.

What happened to Romance? Monogamy?? There seems to be a new breed of frogs for the 20th century….The Prick Frog! The ones who lure you in with every promise under the sun, then never deliver and make you feel like the biggest mug going! All woman have had one of these new breeds, in my case, I’ve had far too many!

Like I said, I’m not a greedy person and after 27 years on this earth, I know that princes don’t actually exist, but how hard is it to find someone who will ; treat you with respect, hug you when your down, love you unconditionally, turn down those other woman for you, someone who will protect me, that won’t throw anything back in my face, someone who def would never lay a finger on me. Someone who will put me first. The guy that will treat me like a princess. Surely that’s not alot to ask, but apparently, in the 20th century, it is!! All they are after is how much they can get from you, and how soon, just so they can have a brag. Def beginning there could be something to this whole no sex till after your married! May go with that I think, then no one will get the wrong idea about me, and I won’t get stuck with a Prick Frog again!

I could rant on and on for hours, but it won’t ever change a thing! These frogs will always be frogs and it’s best to just stay away from them full stop. Hell I think I’d rather be single for the rest of my life if it means not having to deal with one of these types of creeps ever again.

Maybe they should just take a step back and think. You may have a daughter one day, and how would you feel if they met a guy that treated them like that. Food for thought huh………


{September 26, 2010}   Love Letters Of Great Men

You – my life – my all – farewell, Oh, go on loving me – never doubt, The faithfullest heart Of your beloved L, Ever Thine, Ever Mine, Ever Ours (Ludwig Van Beethoven)

As a child, I was brought up with the idea of princess’ locked in towers, waiting for their knight in shining armour to come rescue them. So when you grow up and realise that this isn’t the case, it can be slightly disheartening! (Although I’m not quite sure the being locked in a tower bit sounds too good?!?!)

I started reading the book, Love Letters of Great Men and it made me realise how romantic men could actually be. So where are these men now???? Not literally of course, but whatever happened to romance???

So I thought I’d research it. I put ‘ROMANCE’ into Google to see what it brought up??? The first website it brought up……….”How to Write a Love Letter”. Now that kind of says it all really. I thought romance was about emotions and feelings, not what a website tells you to write!

Ok, now in all fairness to the 20th century man, these ‘Great Men’ didn’t have email, telephones and the Royal Mail wasn’t what it is today but still, that’s no excuse!

Men, who were fighting for their country on the front line, would still find the time to sit and write to their lovers. Now that is love and dedication!

Maybe it’s something to do with now a days, women always seem to go for the ‘Bad Boy’, someone please explain that to me????? I’ll be the first one to admit, I’ve done it. Why do we do it??????

You have one guy, who would worship the ground you walk on, if you were locked in a tower he WOULD come and rescue you, he would treat you like the princess you are. Then on the other hand you have the guy who everyone knows (though not always for good reasons), he would put himself before you, if you were locked in a tower, he would have to double check his diary first (you never know there could be a boys night out planned) and he would expect you to treat him like a prince, with you being the servant. So why oh why, do we pick the latter of the 2?????

Everything seems to be about money, who can buy the biggest bunch of flowers, who can take you to the most expensive restaurant, how big the diamond has to be (although I do agree, Diamonds are a girl’s best friend). My ideal date would be a nice little picnic on the beach, watching the sunset. Nothing big and fancy, just 2 people being together, enjoying each other’s company.

Maybe I’m just living in the wrong century……but hey I can still dream……..and wait for that love letter to come through my letter box 😉

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