Telling It The Way I See It

{March 3, 2011}   The Experiment that is Life!!

All life is an experiment. The more experiments you make the better – Ralph Waldo Emerson

I used to go out every single night, drinking, dancing and generally having a whale of a time!! Now, i spent pretty much everyday in bed, or atleast lying on my sofa, cause the pains to much to be doing anything. So if someone had told me 10 years ago that this would be how my life would turn out, I would of laughed in their face!!

Ok, so I may not have been the fittest person in the world, but I was always out and about, walking here there and everywhere. Then when we opened the gym, I started working out everyday, so I wasnt in bad shape. Now i just feel like a fat lazy lump!! For once, I actually WANT to go out for a run!

It honestly feels like my whole life is passing me by and theres not a thing that i can do about it.

Life is an experience. We supposedly only get one chance and what can I say i’ve done??? So many people let their lives fly past them and don’t do a thing……but that is their choice! I want to live my life! I want to go out dancing with my friends again, be able to go out for lunchs and dinners, to go on all day shopping sprees (if i had the money). In short, I want my life back!!!

I chose the quote above as it fitted perfectly to this blog. Life is an experiment. We try all these new things, some of them we like, some we don’t, some work out well, others don’t. Atleast we can try these things though, to find out what we do enjoy and like. So imagine if that choice is taken away.

Honestly, at the moment I’m not living…….I’m existing!!


{December 27, 2010}   Start as you mean to go on……….

Ok, so it may be slightly to early to discuss my New Years resolutions but what the hell 😛

The thing this year is they are all beneficial resolutions so if i don’t achieve them not only will I have let myself down, but it will be affecting my health.

So the main thing I need to do is get off the Tramadol!!!!!! I have tried half heartedly so many times, this time I need to bite the bullet and do it. So i’ll write out a weaning off program so I can keep track of it all. Seriously though, I want to get off it!!!!! As well as that I need to give up smoking. I know in my heart that there are no benefits to smoking what so ever… why do i do it?????? The money I save could buy new shoes, a holiday, go towards out IVF, all sorts and all GOOD things!!!!!!

Workwise, I will be working with my dad in the new year so really wanna give it a go and help him make the business a success, as well as doing some fundraising and campaigning over the IVF issues. Again things that are all worth while.

All i need is a kick up the backside, and hopefully, i can get my life back!!!

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