Telling It The Way I See It

This has to be one of my ‘All Time Great Sayings’. Mainly because it’s so true, but it can be taken in two ways…..well I think it can be anyway 😛

On the one hand, it can mean you have brilliant family, but should maybe be slightly more aware of the kind of company you keep.

On the other though, it can mean that ATLEAST you can pick your friends as the family you have, shall we say, leave a lot to be desired!

Mainly if I say it, it’s because someone in my family has really wound me up ( love you all really!! ) But no matter what happens they are still my family, and maybe more people should have a better tolerance with family members, because they’re the only ones you’re ever going to have!

Family is very important to me. I would do absolutely anything for my mum, dad, step parents, brother and sisters ( well most of them haha ). I can’t explain how I feel inside if someone upsets them. It’s like a massive rage boils up inside me to the point, that whoever has upset them, is better off staying out of my way or their head may end up somewhere the sun doesn’t shine lol. The worst thing is though, it doesn’t feel like a natural feeling. Not that you shouldn’t, I mean it actually scares me!! I remember speaking to my dad ages and ages ago ad he said he had been into a furniture store, a heated discussion started and as my dad was walking out, the Sales Assistant called him something very unpleasant. As soon as he told me this, my first thought was to go up to said furniture store and see how the guy liked having ‘not nice’ stuff said to him. Then it got to, if I go up there, heads will roll, then it moves on to the upset. Bet you’re all thinking I’m mad now. But seriously I ended up crying cause of it all and how bad it made me feel that someone had upset my family. Even when I was younger I was the same though. I can’t remember exactly what had happened but when I was in secondary school, I somehow found out that my sister had an argument or something, or someone had a go at her. Now she may be 3 years older than me, but I made a point to go up to this girl and tell her, never to speak to my sister like that ever again. I do remember swearing a lot, cause the older girl kept threatening to tell my mum that I had sworn, so I’m guessing I was proberly only about 12 at the time. Maybe I feel overly protective  of them all, even my older brother whose 5 years older than me, I worry about him all the time. I like to check his girlfriends out, make sure they are ok for him haha.

All in all, I love my family to bits……..although there are times I could quite happily kill some of them haha. My older sister, Lyndsey and me have never quite seen eye to eye on pretty much everything. In fact if we weren’t related I know I’m not the sort of person she would pick as a friends and visa versa. We would argue like mad about anything pretty much, until normally one of us ended up in tears. Our Grandma always said to us, that as we grew up, we would become better friends and realise how important we are to each other and actually grow to ‘like’ each other. She may have had a slight point. Ok, we are certainly not best pals, but I think we have a better tolerance with each other now haha. We can last about 20 minutes in the room together now, as opposed to 10, before one of us is in tears lol, and I’m pretty sure Lyndsey doesn’t have to pretend one of us is dying in 24 hrs anymore just to be nice to me hahaha (hmmmmmm I will double-check though)

So where am I going with all this?? Ummmmmmm not 100% sure now haha (it is 4:15 AM though) Ah, ok, so really I’m wondering. If you could pick your family, would you?

I have my own ‘Famous Family’ (please someone else have one too or I will sound mad!!) My famous family, is pretty much what it says on the tin! It’s who my family would be if I could pick famous people. So my dad, would have to be Ray Liotta. I mean come on, how cool would he be to have as a dad. Know one would EVER mess with you!! Then Sarah Jessica Parker would be an awesome aunt and Tommy Lee Jones would be a fantastic Grandpa….so on and so on, you get the idea. This is just a little game I play with myself though. Then the more I think, would I swap the family I have, for my Famous Family???? Honestly, I don’t think I ever would! Don’t get me wrong, my family can be royal pains in the butt sometimes, but they are still MY family. All with our own little quirks, pet hates about each other. But as I said, that family will be the only true one you ever have, so make sure you do cherish those people. Cause once they’re gone, they can never be replaced. Friends will come and go, but your family is always there. No matter how far away you go, your family is always the same crazy, lovable, annoyingly stubborn, funny bunch of people you’ll ever be able to call yours!!

My Crazy Bunch, when I was aged One:


{July 24, 2011}   Race For Life 2011

Well today was the day……. Portsmouth’ Race For Life 2011. A woman only walk to raise money for Cancer Research UK, a charity very close to my heart!

It’s the 4th year I’ve done it but it means so much to me today as it did in2008!! The last 2 years even more though, since I lost my beloved Grandad to cancer 😥

The weather was perfect for it, nice and sunny but with a lovely cool breeze and it took place along the seafront, the perfect venue in my eyes. There were thousands upon thousands of woman there, so dressed up in fancy dress, so there to walk, some there to run. Woman and girls of all ages. It was great to see everyone getting together for such a brilliant event!

The whole way round was quite hard for me, and the pain kicked in very early on, but there was noway i was going to give in. If I had a slight waver, i’d just picture grandad in my head, or look down at his name on my arm and it gave me that incentive to push harder! In the end, it took me and my mum 45mins to do 5km, which I was very happy with!!!

A massive well done to everyone who took part, and a massive thank you to anyone who sponsored someone. And lastly, a massive thought to those who we have lost through cancer, to those who continue to fight it, and for those who have thankfully beaten it!! Those people will forever be in my prayers!!

{March 31, 2011}   The Big C

Has anyone been watchin The Big C on More4???? I was slightly dubious about it, as its dealin with quite a tough issue, but with humour added in. But I watched it, and can honestly say I really like it!!

So for those who don’t know what it is, The Big C refers to Cancer. Its based on a woman who is diagnosed with breast cancer and how she deals with it. What I like about it, is how upbeat it is. Nomally you say the C word and it brings everyone down. Well not this!! Its also funny but without being over the top. In all, I think the writers have done a brilliant job and Laura Linney is superb as Cathy, the woman diagnosed. Basically she doesn’t want it to get her down, so she starts doing everything she’s always wanted to do.

Ok so I know it’s a tv show and in real life things aren’t that simple but it shows such a different side to cancer. How it doesn’t have to be so depressing and mainly how everyone should live their life to the full regardless.

Me and my mum have done the Race For Life for the last 4 years to help raise money for Cancer Research and I really urge every woman to do it, and anyone who can’t, to sponsor someonewho is doing. Hopefully one day they will find a cure and we can get rid of such a vile disease. It seems nowadays everyone is affected by it in some way, whether they have it themself or know someone who has it and those who have been affected in some way will know how hard it is, not only for the patient but for those around them too.

So, here’s a big middle finger to cancer!!!

To those dealing with it, my thoughts and prayers are with you all xxxxxxx

Pretty much every child has seen atleast 1 Disney film in their life. Me though, I watch them pretty much everyday haha. Being stuck in bed everyday, you can’t do much but watch films, and Disney always seems to cheer me up (todays it’s Cinderella).

BUT, watching them so often has made me think (like most things!). Why do we find them so cheerful, when actually they are filled with single parent families, cruelty and evilness!!!!

Belle, Ariel, Cinderella come from 1 parent families while Aladdin and Lilo have no parents at all. Then there’s all the villians – Gastone, Ursula, Mufassa and Wicked Stepmothers. Made me realise, although they are stories, the basic principles are very close to nowaday lives and families. Maybe thats why we all enjoy them? The fact we can actually empathise with the characters!

Haha now I know everyone is probabley laughing that I’ve thought so deeply into this, but hey, what else am I meant to do with my time!!

The moral of all the stories is though, that True Love always provails!!! So maybe if we all start wishing upon stars, then we can end up with a Disney fairytale ending…’s hoping!!!

et cetera