Telling It The Way I See It

{January 4, 2011}   Goodbye My Lover………..

To My Dear Sterling Superkings,

It is now time I think we parted. We have been through many things, happy times, bad times…..but deep down I know you are no good for me. I have wasted years of my life with you. You have, and will continue to, waste years of my life and waste my money, plus the fact that you stink and whenever we’re together you make me smell too!! We are so much better apart, and I hope others stay away from you too. You are not only bad for me, but for everyone you meet! Please please do not ever come back to me, as I am done this time!! Thank you for the times you were there, helping through trying times but I feel I am now a strong enough person to go it alone! I won’t forget you, even though I will do my best too!!

Sarah-em xx


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