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{August 20, 2011}   Let the music heal your soul…





Does anyone else ever listen to a song, and completely relate to the words. Then as time passes, that song becomes known as ‘the time so and so happened’??? Or when you listen to something, you actually feel like there’s someone else in the world that actually understands what you’re going through?? or am I alone on this and now sound crackers???

In the 1998 a song was released called Let the Music Heal your Soul, by the Bravo AllStars. They consisted of: Touche, The Boyz, The Moffattes, Scooter, Aaron Carter, The Backstreet Boys, N’Sync, Mr President, Squeezer, Gil, R’N’G and Blumchen. Ok so I hadn’t heard of a lot some of them either but it was at this point I was going through my Nick Carter / Backstreet Boys obsession. So anything to do with them I wanted to listen to! It seems to have become quite a poignant song in my life though. Some for silly reason, some for more personal reasons.

I was 14 and my life revolved around how I only really had 4 years till I could legally marry Nick Carter. He was actually my life, hell I even went to see Aaron Carter, just in the hope i might bump into Nick there haha (god can’t believe I’m even admitting to this!!!) Music has always been a love in my life. I started learning the flute in middle school (aged 9-10ish). I loved how when I was playing, it seemed like nothing else mattered for those few minutes. I was something I could completely lose myself in. I also loved singing, ok so I might have never been the greatest singer, but I enjoyed it (until my ears buggered, now I still sound like Mariah in my head, not my fault everyone else hears something different!!) This was about the time that I moved into my own room, after my brother moved out, so I felt really grown up too! But also the time, I started to notice that my parents, weren’t quite the same as my friends. My dad sleeping on the sofa. Mum visiting her friend more and more. Mum and Dad not really doing anything together anymore. My sister bout this CD and as soon as I heard it I fell in love with it, especially the karaoke version, so I could sing on my own (Must…Stop….Revealing….All Embarassments!!!!)

“Let the music heal your soul, Let the music take control. Let the music give you, The power to move any mountain”

Even as I’m writing this I’ve got it playing on repeat, for inspiration. It takes me back 13 years (blimey that makes me feel old now!!) I loved the way they sung about how music made me feel. In my head I wasn’t alone, all the time I had music. Prob sounds crazy I know, but it made me feel safe. With helped that Nick was singing in it too, so he was singing it for me (honestly he was I tell you!!)

So, ever since then, I have always seemed to pay attention to songs a lot more carefully and the words. I’ve actually got a slight obsession of googling song words, ok now I’m prob sounding crazy! I love how the way a song can relate so well to your mood though. Whether it be the words or the actual music. It can evoke so many emotions all at once.

Oh if someone writes a song, With a simple rhyme. Just a song, Where his feelings show. And if someone feels the same, about the simple song. Oh sometimes, you can hear them sing. Music gives you happiness or sadness. But it also, it also heals your soul…

Even if I’m feeling sad, lonely or even really happy, I’ll listen to music. It’s like making my own memory bank, but of songs for different moments in my life. I can safely say though. The Bravo AllStars managed to get me through some really good times and yet, some equally bad times.

I’m going through some old bands now as I’m writing this. So many memories are coming to mind. Music can def heal the soul!!




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