Telling It The Way I See It

{August 12, 2011}   **PREVIEW**…….of my new book!!

A few of you may know that I have started my first book. It’s all a bit scary to be honest!

I thought I would use my blog to give people a sneak preview, and get some feedback so far. It’s a fictional story, untitled as yet, about a young girl, her life and her ties to a house…..prob not the best explanation, but please read my preview and give me your honest opinion…..even if you think it absolutely sucks!!!!

So, here it is……..

With the sun blazing down on her skin, the breeze blowing 
through her hair ad the sound of silence ringing in her ears, 
Claudia was in heaven. The smell of cut grass, making her sneeze, 
couldn't even put her off. She was in paradise! Claudia didn't need 
fancy holidays. Not all the time she had her Grandmother Rose. 
 Granny Rose had been in the house long before Claudia was born, even 
before her father was born. The house was a modest bungalow, set just
outside of town. It was nothing special to anyone walking past but as 
soon as Claudia walked up the driveway, she instantley felt safe. This 
was her haven. The same smell that hit her when she walked through the 
front door, a strange mixture of flowers and TCP, was oddly comforting.
The garden, once a beautiful array of flowers and plants was now over 
grown and jungle looking, was still a sanctuary through the eyes of the 
25 year old. As a grown woman now, this building still had the ability 
to return her to her childhood, back to the days when she was happy, 
back to a time when everything was right. Not like now, where it was 
all so mixed up. 
 Claudia knew, the day they lost that house, would be 
the day she lost everything. Surely that would never happen though...would it???...... 

Uncle Bob says:

Hi Sarah, I read what you have written its good, I just thought id add my 5/8th’s worth lol and changed this bit, Not that i know anything bout writting a book my grammer is diabolical, Well done its great keep it up, My Niece mite be a famous Author…. I hope it may give you some ideas TC Bob xx

The smell when she walked through the
front door took her back to her childhood, And the happy times she had spent here,
She closed her eyes and and gently sniffed the strange mixture of Cut flowers and antiseptic lotion, It was oddly comforting.

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