Telling It The Way I See It

{August 11, 2011}   Living the Dream!!

It seems to me, that nowadays, more and more people are starting their own business’.  Good on ’em, I say!!

With so few jobs at the moment, and the people that do have them, all seem to be moaning, what’s to stop you from living your dream??

I shared a business before with an ex partner, and I can safely say (apart from the ex 😉 ) it has to be the best job I ever had!! We ran a gym together, and the atmosphere was brilliant! I really did try my best with it, and it’s prob the only thing I do miss about that time in my life lol (well theres prob a few other bits, im not that nasty!) Because the only way to make money was through ourselves, it made me more determined to work, not to slack off.

Unfortunately, for me, that dream failed (although from stories I’ve heard, the gyms not exactly doing great either lol). So, what would be my dream now then?? To write. Write blogs, write articles, write interviews, write books……write anything!!!

I have started my first book. Slowly but surely it’s coming along, I just hope that when it is finally finished, people will like it! In the mean time, I’ll be doing anything I can to work on getting a good portfolio together (so if anyone needs a review or interview or anything, let me no hehe). As well as making my baby blankets to make a small bit of money just to tide myself over (again if anyone wants a blanket made, let me no).

So, good luck to everyone who has decided to go it alone. You def having my best wishes that it all works out! It may seem tough at times, but if you really believe in it, keep going and don’t let anyone or anything get in your way. After all, it’s your life and you should be able to live your dream! Just remember,  It’s a tough job…..but someone’s gotta do it 😉


skypunk says:

Yeah i get it, I would rather be hungry and not be able to pay the bills as I ran my own biz, then have a boss!
I always end up getting fired..hahaha..

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