Telling It The Way I See It

{August 9, 2011}   What the hell is Britain coming too!?!


Ok, so I thought I wouldn’t get involved with talking about all these riots and looting happening around the country, but to be honest, there comes a point where you think, what the hell is this country coming to!?!?!

There are so many words to use for what is happening; vile, disgusting, sad, childish…………I could go on!

So, I’ll admit, I’m not 100% sure why it’s even going on, but then the do the people who are doing it even know why they are? It was supposedly started because the police shoot someone??? (from what I can gather). But how the hell does that mean everyone should go crazy?? Is it meant to be a stand against the police??? I’ll admit, the police have definitely lost some of the authority that they should have, but more than anything, I think it goes to show the mentality of people in this country nowadays! Chances are, the police are so scared of doing anything, for fear of being ‘politically incorrect’ and being reprimanded for it!

The whole country has gone mad!!

Everyone has been saying the army should be brought in, and maybe they should, but that will just show how much the police can’t cope, and as it is, a lot of people have no respect for them. Well would anyone, if they couldn’t deal with this without involving the army! It’s actually quite a scary thought though!!

The whole situation has spread so quickly, how bad will it be in a weeks time if it can’t be stopped?? People I have spoken to in the past have spoke of civil wars, due to everything that’s happening with our country, is this just the start??

These people are now giving Britain an even worse name, than we already had. Maybe National Service should be brought back. Either way, something has to be done, otherwise, if they know they can get away with it…….how far will they really go???


Niall says:

These kinds of riots have been happening for years. Its always at the start of August as well! It seems we never learn from our mistakes and I feel thats our countries biggest downfall. You can easily blame those involved but really half of them know no better, they brought up around violence and decit and whos to blame for that? The older generations have caused much of todays problems through the greed and put the country in debt its not suprising its ended up this way. Its only recently these problems are really showing thier ugly head….Im sorry to say but I can only see it getting worse 😦

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