Telling It The Way I See It

{July 25, 2011}   We’re all going on a Summer Holiday……I wish!!!

The great British summer is upon us. The wind, the rain, the thunder, the lightning….oh and the odd spot of sunshine!!

I know when I thought about this idea for my blog, it sounded so ‘typically British’ in my head, but to be honest, that’s what we do best….. MOAN! lol

The last holiday I went on was to Palma, Spain. That was in 2000!!! I went with my mum, my step-dad and my sister. It was a really good holiday. The place was lovely (def recommend it to anyone). The thing is though, I was 16, didn’t really have a care in the world, so probably didn’t appreciate it as much as I should have.

Now with all the chaos around me…..I NEED A HOLIDAY!!!!!

Somewhere I can forget about everything for a while, somewhere know one knows me, where I can relax, where I can do nothing, but not feeling guilty about it!! That’s what holidays are all about aren’t they???

The place I have chosen I want to go to is…….HAWAII!!! Oh my it looks wonderful!! It looks like a whole other world, and that’s my idea of a holiday!

Alas, it’s all a far away dream at the moment (can you hear the violins in the background). So until it happens, I’m gonna don my wellies, sunny G’s, rain mack, sunlotion and try to make the most of our wonderful British Summer!



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