Telling It The Way I See It

{July 3, 2011}   ‘Baby, you don’t know what it’s like to be me’

Don’t you  love the way, people have there own ideas about you, and how you live your life? How everyone knows what’s best for you, and in the same breath will always bring your misgivings forward to the world.

But how about when these people really don’t have a clue. They claim to know you and have your best interest at heart, but you know deep down that that’s a load of crap. They don’t know you at all. They don’t know whats best for you, they only know how they want you to be, that works out best for them. When deep down, you know, that they wouldn’t make it a yard in your shoes, let alone a mile!

Everyone has preconceptions, but when it comes to those close to you, surely those judgements should stop, once you really get to know a person?

I have never been good with people telling me what I can and can’t do,but when someone starts demanding what I should and shouldn’t be doing, that’s when I start to get angry! Who the hell has the right to tell you what to do?? We are our own individual people. Yes, people can easily advise but should never try to control and manipulate into getting you to do what they want. Those people are weak. So weak that they feel the need to control others just to form a sense of control. So how is it we can get sucked in by them so easily???

I’ve always felt myself as quite a strong person, so why is it recently I have begun questioning everything I do due to one person, and how they make me feel. I actually feel like I’m doing something wrong with being ill!! Jesus, if I could honestly be well, trust me, I would. But unfortunatley that’s not meant to be at the moment. I feel like a really bad person though! When I’m on my own I’m fine, but when i’m with this other person, it’s like all my rational thoughts decide to leave my brain. Deep down I know what they are saying is absolutely ridiculous, but still it plays on your mind for a long long time, and then you really do begin doubting yourself?!?!

Surely this isn’t healthy though??? On either sides!!

Control can lead to such anger, unhappiness and even danger. So why do we put up with it when we know it’s so wrong? Every person would proberly have a different answer from the next. Mine, I suppose, is because there is so much other chaos, maybe one day it will start controlling the bad things in my life and making more sense of those things. We need to remember though, not everything can be controlled. Some things shouldn’t be messed with, and human emotions are definately one of them!!

The Beatles once sang, ‘All you need is Love’. I think it should of been, ‘All you need is EMPATHY’!!!


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