Telling It The Way I See It

{June 18, 2011}   ‘We have to distrust each other. It is our only defense against betrayal’

I think of mself as quite a nice person. I treat everyone how I expect to be treated, I give everyone the benefit of the doubt, I respect people and I trust people! Now, though, it would seem I’m not actually a nice person…….I’m naive! 

‘Naive – having or expressing innocence and credulity’

It seems that a lover can easily say I  love you, and just as easily, fall out of love with you!  A friend can say I love you, and just as easily, stab you in the back! A Parent can say I love you, and just as easily, put everything before you!

So why do we fall for the same line everytime? Whether it be from a friend, family member or a lover??? So much comes with I LOVE YOU, so many promises, that inevitably, the promises will be broken and someone will be let down. This may not be done intentionally BUT it will happen.

Now some people may think I’m being really cynical, but if you really think hard, those you love and trust will have let you down at some point?? Have a think……

It’s so much harder though, when you really do trust that person. It’s as if they have no thought for your feelings and all they do is worry about themselves. Which is why I am a strong believer in looking after number 1, cause honestly, no one else will. Even relying on yourself is risky sometimes. You know you shouldn’t believe / trust yet you do, just to be let down again!

So the only thing we can do is be aware. Aware that people will hurt us, regardless of what they say. Aware that you can’t trust people……….not even yourself!!


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