Telling It The Way I See It

{June 15, 2011}   A Sign of Things to come????

Everyone knows how much having children means to me, but if the last few days are anything to go by, I think I can honestly say I would be a rubbish mum!!! lol

My mum has been a foster carer for the last 7 months and I am listed as one of her support people to help her out. She has 3 children at the moment and I take one of them to school and pick them up everyday.

The week started well when I over slept and, as a result, didn’t end up taking him. Leaving my mum to juggle the 3 of them, taking them to different schools. I then thought I’d make sure I was there for as soon as he finished so arrived at the school, ready for 3:15…….only to be told there was an after school activity till 4:15!!! Twat doesn’t even come close to what I was calling myself!!

So the next 2 days have been ok, but I can honestly say, the early mornings are actually killing me!!! Anyone who knows me, know I’m not a morning person, so having to get up at 7am every morning is my worst nightmare!!!!!! I get back from the school run and need to have a nap!! How bad is that?!?!?!?

Is this is a sign of what kind of mum I’d be??? Am I gonna be that awful??? I’m sure every mum to be worries about if they will do a good job but I’m only helping out, and I can’t even get that right!!!

Through all this though, I can say how proud I am of my mum and step dad for doing what they do. It’s definatley not an easy job but so so rewarding at the same time. There’s so many children out there that need a loving, safe and stable home but don’t have it. So for anyone to take someone elses child in and looks after them or even bring them up in a long term arrangement are great people and it’s a shame there’s not more people willing to do it.

 My mum is a great person anyway but this just shows me how much of a special person is and I’m proud to call her my mum!!!


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