Telling It The Way I See It

{June 12, 2011}   Have ya missed me??? ;)

Hey all, been a while! Have you all missed me?? lol Prob not huh 😉 well I’M BACK!!! 😀

There’s been a few reasons why I haven’t posted in a bit, but mainly because, you guessed it, I have been feeling like utter rubbish!!!

This means that I’ve had no relief from my last operation, and because of this will be having more surgery in about 12 weeks!

**WARNING – the next paragraph may not be for the weak stomached**

This next surgery will mean I’ll be having the adhesions removed AGAIN and my stomach filled with a sugar based solution to coat my insides. This means hopefully the adhesions won’t stick again. Also, because the main amount of adhesions are around my overies, I’ll be having them stitched into place in the hope they will stay in the correct position and the soloution will mean nothing grows onto them….leaving me pain free!!! Then after the healing process time, I’ll have the stitches removed. All actually sounds slightly gross to me, but hey, if it works who am I to moan. You’d think I’d be used to it all by now, this will be my 5th operation on my abdomen, but I’m actually bricking it already! Plus the fact it will be in Sept which is when my mum goes on holiday and she has been there for every op so far! and normally when she goes away on holiday, something bad happens. 1 year we were  burgled, 2 years running people died, 1 year I fractured my ankle……’re getting the picture I hope! Needless to say I’m bricking it!!!!

So enough about that, I actually get sick of talking about it as it seems to have taken over the majority of my life already. What else has been going on????? Well we had our engagement party last month. That went really well, although it left me really pissed off with some people! Why say you’re going to come, and then not bother????? and people that mean alot to me didn’t turn up. Was not a happy bunny at all!! But we did have a good time regardless! There was sooooooo much food left over as well, that was an added bonus…I didn’t have to cook for that weekend 😉 People keep askin when the wedding is, but to be honest, I don’t think it will be any time soon seeing how my health is at the moment. I’d like to walk down the aisle, not crawl on my hands and knees cause I’m in so much pain!!

Apart from that, it’s been all quiet on the western front 😉 so let’s see what the next week brings……………


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