Telling It The Way I See It

{March 7, 2011}   When you wish upon a star………

Pretty much every child has seen atleast 1 Disney film in their life. Me though, I watch them pretty much everyday haha. Being stuck in bed everyday, you can’t do much but watch films, and Disney always seems to cheer me up (todays it’s Cinderella).

BUT, watching them so often has made me think (like most things!). Why do we find them so cheerful, when actually they are filled with single parent families, cruelty and evilness!!!!

Belle, Ariel, Cinderella come from 1 parent families while Aladdin and Lilo have no parents at all. Then there’s all the villians – Gastone, Ursula, Mufassa and Wicked Stepmothers. Made me realise, although they are stories, the basic principles are very close to nowaday lives and families. Maybe thats why we all enjoy them? The fact we can actually empathise with the characters!

Haha now I know everyone is probabley laughing that I’ve thought so deeply into this, but hey, what else am I meant to do with my time!!

The moral of all the stories is though, that True Love always provails!!! So maybe if we all start wishing upon stars, then we can end up with a Disney fairytale ending…’s hoping!!!


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