Telling It The Way I See It

{February 11, 2011}   Who needs friends when you can have enemies!!!

I am still reeling from a comment made by a ‘so called friend’.

I wont embaress them by putting a name by the comment made was…….

***** ******* is just wondering what my friends on facebook think about an MP campagining for one individual to have IVF before she should be entitled to it?? What makes this person so special that she gets prefiential treatment when there are hundreds of other couples and individuals that are all in the same boat and do not fit the criteria but no one campaigns for them!!! Answers below.

Now for those who read my blog you will know about my meeting with my local MP. The fact that I met her to talk about setting up a infertility support group and NOT for my own benefit, seems to be lost on this person. The part regarding her helping me was just a bonus. Now, say you go for a really expensive meal that you cant really afford but that you do everything to save up for it, then are told that there maybe a way to get it free, would you turn it down??? I think not!!!!!!

The way I have been made out is that I am looking after No 1, which I must state is NOT the case at all!!

I have been making scarfs, quilts, blankets and doing peoples nails to save up for my IVF, doing anything i can think of just to raise the money. All the time this other person sits on her bum, waiting for everything to come to her. That’s not a dig by any means, its just a fact. Nothing in life comes for free, so if you really want something…..GET OUT THERE AND DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!!!

The other thing that has annoyed me about the whole comment, is that ANYONE can appeal to their local PCT to receive IVF funding. Any tom, dick or harry. But it does involve doing something yourself.

This is what I have done. Above anything, the most important thing to me is to get the support group up and running, anything else would be an added bonus.

So anyone thinking I am doing this for my own benefit is very wrong. I just can’t help it that someone wants to help me, because i have taken the time and effort to research and do something about getting what I want. If that makes me selfish, then selfish I must be!

Everyone else I no has been so supportive and have wished me the best, offered help with anything I need……but there’s always someone who wants to knock you down, that person normally turns out to be the jealous one. Someone should tell them, Green really doesn’t suit them 😉


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