Telling It The Way I See It

{February 6, 2011}   Finally! Someone has listened!!!

At last I finally I feel like someone has listened to me and is willing to help me!!!

I had a meeting with my local MP on Friday evening about the issues with IVF and support in our area…….or the lack of it more like!!! She was really sympathetic and understanding, as well as being really up for helping me. She liked the idea of a support group for woman and couples who are dealing with infertility, to provide support as well as up to date information. She is also willing to let me use her premisis to hold coffee mornings etc. BRILLIANT!!!!! As well as all of this, she is going to contact all the local GPs and our PCT (Primary Care Trust) to find out more information on how big a ¬†problem this is in Portsmouth and bits like that. Once she has got some replies, I will have another meeting with her to see where we can go from there. The other great bit she told me is that we can apply for a grant to set the group up, which means if it’s accepted, then I won’t have to worry about funding for it!!

As if this wasn’t enough, I went through my story and all that has happened and she was genuinley shocked. She said she is also willing to campaign for me to receive NHS funding for IVF treatment instead of having to wait another 4 years… our PCT state! I am also entitled to compensation too for all I have been through, regardless of whether it was clinical negligence or not, and she will look into it for me!

I really couldn’t be happier than I am right now, that someone has finally listened and realised that something needs to be done!!!

Watch this space…………


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