Telling It The Way I See It

{January 24, 2011}   I’m allowed to be a bitch……I have PMS!!!

I started my periods when I was 13 (on my dads birthday to be exact lol) and I had heard of the term PMS, but I never really got what it meant.

The last few years though, I have definatly learnt alllllllll about it. It means that the dreaded time of the month, actually makes me hate being a woman!!!

Alot of woman use the excuse of PMS, but for those who really suffer, it can be a nightmare! The bloating, the painful boobs, the headaches, the vile stomach cramps and the mood swings.  These mood swings are not your usual, I could prob kill! The cramps are like someone trying to tunnel their way out of my stomach with a spoon, i feel like i weigh 50 st and i have a permanant headache the whole 5 days, plus i want to sleep constantly!

Its times like this, i wish i could have it all taken out!!!!!!!!!!! haha


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