Telling It The Way I See It

{December 31, 2010}   You Gotta Have Faith…………

The reason I thought of this post, was because of the George Michael song that has been stuck in my head for the last hour!!!!

When I was growing up, we were never brought up in a religious way. Yeah my Gran went to the cathedral every Sunday and I knew some of my family were Jewish, but that was about the extent of my religious knowledge. Not that I find that a good or bad thing. It was just something that wasn’t around us. Then as I moved up to secondary school, I found I really enjoyed my religious education lessons and finally took it for one of my exams. I loved knowing about peoples different beliefs and traditions.

So religion has always been in the back of my mind, and I’ve always thought that no matter what, something has to exist after we are gone. This can’t be it!!

The last 5 years, death has been a major role in my life as well (not through choice I will add!!!) I have lost so many people close to me it’s unreal……and unfair!! What scared me the most was, until my Grandad died last year, everyone that passed away was YOUNGER than me and it was something I could never get my head around!!!!! Since my Grandad passed away though, I have been to church more regularly, still prob not as much as I should though :S

At first I felt really embarassed, like I wasn’t allowed to be there, like I wasn’t doing it right, but the more I went the more comfortable I became. I found it had such a calming effect on me and the words Father Bob said, were so soothing……….and understandable!!!!

Now this doesn’t mean I’ve had a life changing experience but it does mean I have faith now. I have for a while but would never like to say anything, for fear of people laughing at me. You know what though……..I don’t care anymore. If I want to believe in someone or something, that is my choice and my choice alone. Maybe I need to believe it for myself???? Have something to believe in when everything around me doesn’t make sense???? I really don’t know, and I can’t really explain. Some may say this isn’t about religion at all and it’s more about my state of mind???? Again, I don’t know. I just know deep down what I believe!…………..


Faith – George Michael


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