Telling It The Way I See It

{December 23, 2010}   Twas The Night Before Christmas………

Well, the night before Christmas Eve!!

Christmas is normally one of my favourite times of the year, but for some reason this year I feel so stressed and am not looking forward to it one bit!!!!! The fact that I have hair left though….and it hasn’t gone grey yet is a good sign though!!!

Everyone who knows me, knows that this year but been a real struggle, what with 2 operations, many many hospital visits, Psychiatrist appointments, complete lack of money and deaths in the family! But I feel proud that I’m still  here…..albeit stressed to the maximum!!!!!! Maybe Christmas wasn’t the best time to stop taking my meds….ooooops :S

I am proud of myself though, that even through everything (especially the money problem part!) I’ve managed to still organise Christmas…..on my own may I add 😉 Everyone has presents! Even those who don’t even deserve them (I couldn’t find anywhere that sold coal). This may seem a small task for some, but when you have 3 mums, 3 dads, 6 sisters, 6 brothers, 1 nan, 1 gran, 6 nieces and nephews and a fiance….it’s quite a task!!!!! Ok so some I couldn’t get exactly what I wanted to get them, by hey, we don’t always get what we want in life do we 😛

Then comes the task of where we go over Christmas, which I have planned with military precision…..only for it to be f**ked at the last minute!!!! Not happy. So Christmas Eve will be spent with my Dad and all his family. Seems odd though, as the WHOLE lot haven’t been together in a few years but since Uncle Robs passing in Oct, I wish he was here, to organise his Christmas Quiz! We will have a toast for him though, and he will be in our thoughts over this festive period. Christmas Day morning will be at my mums with my step dad, nan and bro and sister. Presents and bacon sarnies nom nom lol!!! We are now having Christmas lunch there as well, and will be moving onto Ritchs mum and dads at around 4, as his mum has to work till 3 😦 Does mean I get to spend more time with my mum though hehehe. Boxing Day will be a relaxing day, and hopefully back round to my mums for more food!!!!

Even writing about it hasn’t stirred any festive spirit in me!!?!! I was fine until this afternoon and it’s like it just flew out of my body! I’m guessing exhaustion has finally kicked in, that tends to happen when you have to do everything on your own. So I’ve decided next year will be completely different! Don’t see why I should knacker myself out for others, and get nothing in return.

The one thing I am looking forward to though is seeing my Twinny Chops aka BFF aka Sarah on Christmas Eve, for pressies and mince pies!!!!!! She’s probably been one of the only of my friends who has truly been there for me this year. She has listened to me going on and on and on……..and on about all my problems and rubbish. She is also the one person guaranteed to have me wetting myself laughing. Because of this I’ve made her a home made present as well heheheh….she better bloody like it!!!!!

Ah well I suppose I should leave it there before I really put myself off Christmas!!!!

So Merry Christmas Everyone!!! Enjoy this festive season and have a great New Year!!!



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