Telling It The Way I See It

{October 28, 2010}   Gone but never forgotten……


I have got quite a big family on my mums side, but on my dads theres only, my grandma, my dad, my uncle and my cousins.

We didn’t all see each other too much but when i was younger, we always had such a good time it didn’t matter. Most of the times it was up at my Grandmas house. All us kids would play snooker or golf in the garden.  Another game we invented was locking one of us in the play room and timing them to see how long it would take to get out. This meant climbing out of the window into the front garden and running round to the front door and ringing the bell. I don’t think our parents ever really understood how we had got out 😉  The other time we always got together was at christmas. We’d all go up to Grandmas on Christmas Eve and have lunch. The adults at one table and the children on another, and we had a set of childrens knives which we all got to pick which colour we wanted. Me being the youngest always got the left over colour 😦 But every year my uncle would have put together a quiz. So we’d get into teams and start playing. There was general knowledge and the intros round. I was normally too young to answer anything but on occassions, my uncle would whisper an answer to me and I’d shout it at the top of my voice hehe.

One day, during the summer holidays, my uncle took my brother and sister and myself, plus my 3 cousins to this complex. To this day, im still not sure where it was, but it had a swimming pool, an ice rink and a bowling alley. I couldnt swim so was quite nervous about all the water slides, so he picked one for me and said i would be completley safe. He also failed to mention it was pretty much a verticle drop that went splashing into the pool. I screamed the whole way down but as soon as i splashed into the water he was right there to grab me so i didnt panic. After lunch we went bowling, and they had some kind of offer like 2 games for 1. So we played our first game and when it came to the 2nd they charged us. So my uncle stormed over and asked to speak to the manager. In no uncertain terms he told the manager that if we didnt get our game, he was going to rip the managers head off and use that as the bowling ball. At the time it was a bit scary but looking back now i find it hilarious!!!!!!

The last memory I have, is from about a week ago. I was feeling really down and rubbish. so i put this on my facebook status. My uncle sent me a message saying to look on his wifes page, theres something that would cheer me up. On there was a video of a toy they had bought their youngest son, a frankenstein singing monster mash!!! I creased me up. So i sent him a thank you message and said how much it cheered me up and he replied saying that life was too short to be down, but that he was always there if i did wanna have a chat about anything.

So even though we didn’t see each other alot, i always new he was there if i needed him, and that whenever i did see him, it would be so much fun.

Monday morn at 7am i got a call from my dad saying my uncle had passed away during the nite. I honestly thought it was a joke, and it didnt really register until i saw my dad. Not alot makes me cry, but seeing my father cry will do it everytime! He was 55 years old.

He will forever be in my heart and I have these wonderful memories of which i shall never forget. The only thing i do regret is not putting in my last message: I LOVE YOU.

So, Uncle Rob, I love you xxx


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